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Caves is a subterranean building and exploration game in a completely destructible world. Fly a craft that can cut through solid rock to find the weird and dangerous creatures and treasures that lurk beneath the planet's surface. Use the resources you find to expand your base and make these dangerous caves your home.

Key Features


Developer: Matthew Gatland, based in Auckland, New Zealand. (my website)

Release date: I don't know, "at least a year".

Platforms: Windows, OSX.

Game website:

Twitter: mgatland
Skype: m.gatland


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Stugan spotlight video:

Devlog videos

I have a series of 2 minute Development Log videos.

Here's an example video from the dev log:


um I worked on the game for a couple of months full time and it was good but I burned out.

Then I took a break from it for about a year.

Then I started again, doing at least 1 change every day but not working on it all the time at the expense of everything else.

After a year of 1-change-a-day I was accepted to Stugan, a wonderful games accelerator program where you work on your game in a cabin in the woods for 7 weeks.

Now I'm back.

Developer Bio

Matthew Gatland is a game developer in Auckland, New Zealand. After four years working on software for hospitals, he quit his day job and started making games full time.

Matthew has made a lot of small games for game jams and 48-hour competitions, but Caves is his first really large project. The game is expected to take a few years.

When he's not working on games, Matthew teaches programming to young women through Girl Code, a business he co-owns with his sister. He's also a founding member of Auckland's Pop-Up Arcade, a collective that exhibits locally made video games in custom, DIY arcade installations.

To Do:

Talk about how the game is influenced by 90s games and 80s cartoons. Retro, but not pixel art - more like Thunderbirds \ Voltron \ retro-futurism and cartoon morality.

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